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2xPack Charlotte Meentzen Enjoy Shower Gel - 400 ml

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2xPack Charlotte Meentzen Enjoy Shower Gel

200 ml each (400 ml supply)

The perfect start to the day: with the shower gel and the activating scent of tangerine, orange and grapefruit. The skin is gently cleaned. Moisturizing substances care and protect against drying out.

  • without parabens
  • without PEG
  • without mineral oil components
  • without silicones
  • without animal ingredients (vegan)
  • tested and confirmed tolerance

Application: Apply to damp body skin, massage in and then shower off thoroughly.

Enjoy - care and fragrance series for young skin

Light and delicate, fresh and lively: a natural treat for skin and senses. High-quality, herbal ingredients nourish and revitalize your body. More charisma, spirit and energy.

The youthful, naturally beautiful skin also needs to be properly cared for - so that she is really well. Because especially in a phase of life full of lifestyle and dynamism, it can quickly be exposed to some stresses.