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BIOTHERM Lait Corporel Gift Set

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BIOTHERM Lait Corporel Gift Set

Hydrate your skin with a personalized body care ritual. 

Be seduced by: 

• Beurre De Levres 5ml: Beurre de lèvres, is Biotherms cushioning and smoothing lip balm. The soft butter-like texture nourishes and moisturizes to make the lips supple. 

• Biomains 50ml: Multi-performance treatment for your hands that enhances the skin's barrier function with moisturizers and vitamin F. 

• Lait Corporel Body Milk 100ml: This moisturizing body milk makes your skin supple and velvety-soft.

• Lait De Douche Purifying Shower Milk 75ml: Biotherms first shower milk with citrus essences. The soap-free milky formula, enriched with ultra-moisturizing ingredients, gently cleanses the skin and envelops it in a pleasant fragrance. "


target group Ladies
package contents Lait Corporel 100ml Lait de Douche 75mlBeurre de Levres 5mlBiomanis 50ml
application Note This gift set will give your skin a pampering experience and the chance to transform your skin through the complete body care ritual and healing power of Life Plankton ™. 

1. Lait De Douche Detergent Shower Milk: Apply to moist skin until a foam is formed. Take a shower afterwards. 
2. Lait Corporel Body Milk: Apply to the whole body daily after bathing or showering. 
3. Biomains: Cream your hands daily or as needed. For the nail care Biomains on the nail bed massage. 
4. Beurre De Levres: Apply the nourishing lip balm daily or as needed.
ingredients The binding specification of the ingredients can be found in the packaging of the delivered products.
content 1 piece.