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Schwarzkopf Only Love Coloration Permanent Hair Color - 11 Varieites

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Schwarzkopf Only Love Coloration Permanent Hair Color

11 Varieties:

  • 100 Natural Black
  • 300 Coffee Brown
  • 365 Dark Chocolate
  • 465 Maroon
  • 468 Moca Brown
  • 500 Brown Truffles
  • 600 Pecan Brown
  • 668 Hazelnut Brown
  • 584 Dark Berry
  • 700 Walnut Brown
  • 750 Almond Brown
Only Color Only Beauty ONLY LOVE! Discover Schwarzkopf's hair-gentle coloring, which respects the scalp and at the same time enables vivid and intense colors with perfect gray coverage. Only Love works without ammonia, without silicones and without (ethyl) alcohol. This optimized formula from Only Love with the 3 natural ingredients of botanical oat milk, natural soy protein and nourishing argan oil has been certified as quality-tested by the independent institute Ecarf! Only Love: love for your hair & scalp!