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50 ml

Melvita has developed the 1st indigo oil. This certified organic oil is derived from indigo-producing Persicaria plants that are cultivated in Provence, France. It's great for keeping coloured hair and sensitive scalps in tip-top condition.

When used as a pre-shampoo, this oil strengthens hair shafts that have been damaged by dyes and also soothes sensitive scalps. 

Melvita's organic indigo oil can be applied in two ways:
• Apply it as a mask by smoothing it on from root to tip and leaving for 10 minutes.  It'll protect your hair for up to 12 washes*, leaving it nourished, soft and shiny.

• Using the pipette provided, apply it to your scalp. The way this organic indigo oil has been formulated will immediately soothe your scalp.

All of its ingredients are 100% natural. 
98% of the ingredients are certified organic.Made in France; certified organic by ECOCERT

Organic indigo oil's benefits include:

 A treatment that will protect coloured hair and/or soothe an irritated, fragile scalp
• Strengthens and protects coloured or damaged hair 
• Soothes even the most sensitive of scalps• Gives hair back its shine, bounce and strength
• A patented formula that's 100% natural and does not contain any added colours
• It can be used as a hair mask or can be massaged into the scalp• Ideal for sensitive scalps All hair types

Melvita's organic indigo oil can be applied before you shampoo your hair. It's pipette applicator means you can apply it where necessary to your scalp, hair shaft and tips. 

- If you want to strengthen, soothe or protect your scalp, apply a few drops using the pipette and then gently massage it in with your fingers using small, circular movements.

- If you want to strengthen and protect your hair then apply a small amount to your hand and smooth it on from root to tip. Leave it on for 10 minutes before washing and rinsing your hair.