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WellMix Balance Vital Food Chocolate Flavor Weight Loss Meal - 500 g

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WellMix Balance Vital Food Chocolate Flavor Weight Loss Meal

500 g

Hello fitness buffs!

The WellMix vital food is a nutritionally balanced meal and, as a meal replacement, contributes to weight loss and control. *

Honey as well as protein from soy and milk are the main components of the drink and provide the body with essential amino acids from plant and animal protein. With vitamin D and calcium - for the maintenance of normal bones. The trace element zinc also supports normal fatty acid and carbohydrate metabolism. For your connective tissue: Manganese contributes to normal connective tissue formation, copper supports the maintenance of normal connective tissue.

  • Meal replacement for weight loss & control *
  • with minerals and vitamins
  • high quality protein source
  • gluten free
  • lowercarb **

* Replacing two of your main daily meals as part of a low-calorie diet with meal replacements will help you lose weight. Replacing one of the main daily meals on a low-calorie diet with meal replacement will help maintain weight after weight loss.
** The drink prepared according to the instructions contains 30% fewer carbohydrates than a traditional meal replacement.