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Sanotact Pleasure Tablets for Sexual and Lipido Stimulation - 92 Caplets

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Sanotact Pleasure Tablets for Sexual and Lipido Stimulation 

92 Caplets

    • Gluten and lactose free
    • Aphrodisiac for long-term support of sexual desire
    • with maca root to stimulate the libido
    • supplemented by the amino acid L-arginine and chilli

Sexual desire is called libido. If this is clouded, the causes can be very diverse. In addition to hormone fluctuations, psychological factors such as stress in everyday life or at work can also reduce pleasure in pleasure. The sanotact Lust Feeling Caplettes support sexual desire with a maca root extract from a natural source and thus enable you to regain a bit of joie de vivre through more pleasure in lust. The contained vitamins B6 and B12 contribute to normal energy metabolism and help to reduce tiredness and fatigue. They also support normal psychological function. Vitamin B6 also helps regulate hormonal activity. The sanotact® pleasure caplets are supplemented by zinc, which contributes to normal fertility and reproduction.