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2xPack Charlotte Meentzen Special Care Antiperspirant Roll-on - 100 ml

Regular price $29.50

Charlotte Meentzen Special Care Antiperspirant Roll-on

50 ml each (100 ml supply) 

Perfect protection and lasting freshness all day long. Acts gently and soothes the skin, but is highly effective. Inhibits perspiration. Unpleasant smell has no chance. Ideal for the sensitive armpit skin. For long-lasting protection, without perfuming.

  • without parabens
  • without mineral oil components
  • without fragrance
  • without animal ingredients (vegan)
  • tested and confirmed tolerance

Application: Apply to dry skin after bathing, showering or as needed.

Special care - for special needs

Coordinated extras for more well-being: Discover special products that are made for individual care needs and special situations.

Sometimes the skin draws attention to itself with certain demands: an extremely dry or reddened skin texture, sensitive, cracked lips, very sensitive skin. And there are moments that require reliable anti-perspirant protection.

The Charlotte Meentzen special care products are developed for these needs and moments - always with the basic optimal tolerability and valuable ingredients.