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Dallmayr Crema d Oro Selection of the year Braziiean Coffee Whole Beans - 1 kg

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Dallmayr Crema d Oro Selection of the year Braziiean Coffee Whole Beans

1 kg

The highlight of the Crema d'Oro line. Always new and surprising! Every year the selection of the year comes from a different coffee country, with a new taste profile. An exclusive, single-origin coffee

Brazil is the largest coffee country in the world, so the locals like to call ouro verde, the 'green gold'.

For our new selection, we have selected excellent qualities from the highest regions of the Carrado in Campos Altos. The coffee captivates with aromas of chocolate and maple syrup. Mild and slightly sweet in taste.

Product type:     Coffee beans
flavor:     specially refined and freed from many bitter substances. The Dallmayr full aroma roast gives Prodomo its distinctive taste. A real treat for all coffee lovers.
Variety:     Crema d´Oro
suitable system:     fully automatic coffee machine
special features: 100% Aribica beans, whole beans, ideal as caffè crema, café crème or Schümli. Mild aroma
Weight:     1000 g
Sales quantity:     1000 g
Ingredients: Roasted coffee beans / 100% roasted coffee
Allergens / incompatibilities:  Gluten-free
additives:  Packed under a protective atmosphere